Initials Ep.

by Ryan Gallardes

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Zombie Robot Baby first ep.
To help inspire the hopeless.


released December 16, 2011

Written/Produced/Composed By: Ryan Gallardes
Frank Alvarez Co produced drum tracks on "Never Let it Go"

My Parents Ellen, and Ony Gallardes who continue to support me in my music. Thank you so much. I love you guys.

Russ follis, and Loraine Alvarez for providing me with a warm home to record track "Never let it go"
They welcomed me with open arms into their home.
Thanks for showing me the ropes of living in the south. :)

This Ep. is dedicated to them.



all rights reserved


Ryan Gallardes Seattle, Washington

Coming out of a small island called Guam.
Ryan G(Zombie Robot Baby) has a mix of genres, instead of staying within a box, he branches out into different styles, from Rock,Electronic, and Beats.

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Track Name: Your White lies
He looks over the edge and it's a long way down with someone pulling him in.
Then it starts to begin a past mistake that wont go away,
im sorry we're not all perfect.

He's got fears going wild loosing sight of the prize
A Tale to tell with little white lies

He's always on he's own, but he's never alone
He finds ways to past the time
and though sometimes it hurts
he just thinks of worst
Being made to stay to watch himself fade away

They can't see this boy past his mask
one after one they attack
he tries to move on, but it's hard to stay strong

if he lets his guard down
They all come rushing in
they'll start to take his life
and leave him with his sins
so it's time to let this go
you cant stop it once you fall
with that gun in his hand
he starts his final curtain call

if you let your guard down
and let them all rush in
they'll start to take your life
and leave you with your sins
so it's time you let this go
you can't stop it once you fall
with that gun by your side
it's like it's pouring with bright blue skies......
Track Name: As it falls (Acoustic)
I take it away
the breath that you gave
No more looking
the answers just came
to swallow the pride
that kept this alive
i pushed it oh so far
to leave it all behind

i drowned in agony not knowing the truth
a vision that played with only me and you
my mind was set, to make the final step

No more mountains, to come across
my heart still beats the same
a struggle, to stumble upon
a toast to those who keep it going on and on.

Now i write about all the games we've play
a battle back and forth not knowing what to say
farewell au revoir, i'll keep on walking no more stops
Track Name: Never let it go
Falling forward
is something i always do
Not trusting paths,
that i must walk through with you.

Making sure of things,
is what i must do,
and to follow through,
i would do anything for you.
Just Trust in everything i say,
I promise this.

Feeling Open,
Thoughts that define,
all the memories that's lost inside my mind
your curse, is our own worst,
dream that we had spacing through the space your place on our last time.

Never let it show the way my feelings would grow
(Bite marks it sparks where i last evening was spent)
Holding on to nothing, folding the pages that went blank
The clock ticks the time away,
Save me from this memory,
erases this from my mind.
It doesn't wait for you to know what you do,
So make up your own mind
Track Name: Get your swag on
Im trying to break away this ball and chain
(let go of me)
we struggled long enough as this dream becomes reality
No looking back we all move forward now
(Don't try to end this)
let's sleep with memories, Soft memories not haunting dreams.

I tried so hard to get this message to you
You turned around because you say i wasn't pulling through
I left this place when i said that i couldn't stay
But still i try as i write what i have to say
A love letter or a song it's the same to me
I'll keep a promise if you keep on remembering
all the stories that i tell or have ever told
so the kids will not forget about a place called home

This is life
This is Glory
We walk a path
This is my Story

The day will come when we all need to be saved
so stay strong, have hope, and never let go of faith
we'll keep on fighting, so many trying
Try your best to take it off of the ground
remember what goes up must come down
give it a chance because you'll never know
it's never too late there's always room to grow